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  • How much experience do you have?
    We have over a decade of sales and lead generation experience in various industries, targeting business of all sizes and predominately focusing on the IT industry.

  • What experience do your agents have?
    We only recruit sales agents with extensive sales and direct lead generation experience, we choose agents that are best suited to your industry and campaign or recruit agents with experience in your field.
  • Why not just run my campaign in house?
    The reason many companies outsource this area is once you take into account the fact that this is not your core competencie, cost of hiring, training, managing, monitoring, retention, phone call charges, office space, overheads it quickly becomes evident that outsourcing is often the best solution.

    The fact is that telemarketing is a micro management industry as everyone hates cold calling and will find any excuse not to. Do you have the time, patience, resources or inclination to micro manage? If not, then outsource.

    When you do your sums and compare to other forms of advertising and marketing, telemarketing campaigns are still the most cost effective form of marketing available today. This is even more so when combined with email and mail follow up.

  • Do you take on B2C campaigns?
    No. We only focus on the B2B sector

  • Do you use overseas call center operators?
    No. We only use locally Australian based operators with a clear and easily understood English accent as well as a level of maturity and industry experience.

  • Do you do multilingual overseas campaigns?
    No. We focus on Australian and New Zealand calls in English

  • Minimum hours I can sign up for?
    Minimum hours you can sign up for:  Is a 40 hour pilot.

    We have found that it often takes 2 or 3 calls to get to speak to the correct contact, even then they may say “You’ve caught me at a bad time can you call me back?”. As a result it takes a couple of weeks of calling to give a fair indication of likely results.

  • Guarantee?
    We understand that you are concerned about the Risk/Reward ratio. We can not give a blanket guarantee as each campaign is different. Trying to get leads from an office manger will be easier than trying to get leads from a CEO/CIO/CFO, also depending on the total value and specialty of your product the need may be small.

    We will touch base with you after the first 20 hours and provide feedback. If you are not satisfied you can pull the trial and the remaining hours will be refunded. The set-up-fee as well as a purchased marketing list is non-refundable. It takes a ramp up period of at least a week to find out who the best contact is, when they will be available and be able pitch them, and to get into the swing of things, so the longer the campaign the better the results will be.

  • SLA (Service Level Agreement)
    We do not normally offer SLA’s however once we have completed the pilot, we will have an idea as to how many leads or appointments have been set. Based on this we can provide an SLA, if we do not achieve this in one week we will put on additional hours to make up the short fall in following week. Should you decide not to extend the campaign we can cut our cloth according to the shortfall and refund the difference? In this model though there should likewise be a reward for over achievement.

  • Pay Per Lead?
    We do not operate under this model.

  • Marketing Lists
    We can help provide you with the best marketing list available for your target market, or you can use your own list.

  • How long to get started?
    Depending on the size of the campaign as well as scheduling in the required resources anywhere between a 1 to 2 weeks on average.

  • What type of payment method do you accept?
    The payment method of preference is EFT.  However, we do understand that some companies must use a credit card and in that case we will accept a credit card payment through PayPal. There will be a 3% premium added to the total cost of services. Direct Debit can also be arranged.

  • What are your payment terms?
    Payment terms are up front, prior to commencement of campaign or pilot.

  • Reports
    We will provide you with leads and appointments as acquired daily. We will provide you with regular ongoing feedback as well as a detailed end of campaign report on completion of the campaign and once full payment has been received.