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Lead Generation Telemarketing Services


Telemarketing Professionals are lead generation company in generating sales leads to ensure your company is on track to meet sales targets. We will work with you to develop a campaign script that works for your company, product or service. We know that nobody knows your offering like you do, so we work closely to leverage from our extensive sales training and experience and your product or service knowledge to come up with a script that works.


We will first have a consultation to identify your ideal target market as far as industry, number of employees, annual revenue, geographical location, job titles or decision makers and source a tight marketing list with 98% accuracy as a bench mark. This ensures that we get qualified leads for your company.


We only use local in-house Australians with a neutral accent and provide them with the best training, mentoring and coaching available which has helped us to become recognised as one of Australia’s most trusted and reliable lead generation providers operating though outbound call centres.


We will help build your company name and brand image by putting your offering directly to the decision makers of companies around Australia and New Zealand


Telemarketing Professionals will focus on providing your sales team with a stream of quality qualified leads, which can help double the amount of sales presentations your sales people do, and by doing so we can help double your sales.


Let your sales people do what they do best, selling, and leave the prospecting to us. Contact Telemarketing Professionals today for a Free Consultation and quote please use the Contact Us form.