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Telemarketing Professionals specializes in brokering the best marketing lists for you, we provide B2B lists for Australia and New Zealand. Overseas lists can also be brokered if required.Please note that though experience we focus on Quality and Accuracy of lists. Some lists out there are really cheap but the quality is very poor. When we were starting out we once purchased a list ourselves and found the data so out of date we ended up throwing it in the bin. Over the years we have learnt which list providers provide the best quality lists for various industries. Don`t make the same mistake.

We can provide, contact, phone, address fax, email.

Quality: We only source data from suppliers that we have found have a good reputation for quality reliable data.
Demographics: A wide range of demographics and business job titles are covered. Information such as number of employees, ASIC code, industry etc provided.
Turnaround: In as little as one business day for general counts and revisions once final requirement has been agreed to, and two business days for data delivery from the date of receiving a signed order.
Buy or Rent: Save money by renting data for a small fee or buy the data for unlimited use.
Pricing: We utilize a number of different list providers after consultation with you and according to your requirement we will source the best provider that specializes in that area.
Marketing lists must be paid for prior to delivery, we will send you a sample set of data for you to evaluate the quality and relevancy of the list prior to your final decsion.
Guarantee: We will replace, refund or credit incorrect contacts received.
De-duping against existing customer lists: We can de-dupe against your existing customers or list if required? De-duping is at additonal cost.
A few duplicate records will not make much of a difference, but a few hundred will start to influence the effectiveness of your campaign, corporate image and waste your time and money.
De-duping is at additional cost, please enquire for additional information.
Marketing List Terms and Conditions
1. All lists are subject to the Terms and Conditions and pricing of the various list providers we utilize as well as our own, if required.
2. Databases are updated regularly, new records are added and old deleted, as a result there may be a slight variation in actual records received on ordering compared to amount of records estimated at time of enquiring.
3. Prices and terms and conditions are subject to change and without notice.

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