Real Estate Leads
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Real Estate Leads

Real Estate Appraisal and Property Listing Leads

To be successful in real estate sales you need to generate a continuous flow of qualified sales leads.

Real Estate Appraisal Leads

We’ll assist you in generating a geographically targeted marketing list of property owners within close proximity to your real estate agency. We’ll then call these home owners asking if they would be interested in a free appraisal of their property or if they are considering selling in the near future.

Real Estate Listings Leads

If they are interested in selling or an appraisal we will book a property evaluation or introductory meeting for you to visit and discuss their interest in selling or listing their property.

Booking Appointments

We’ll be able to ask them a number of qualifying questions when speaking to prospects to see where they are in the buying or selling cycle, we can also send out introductory information to all that might be interested via an email from your domain name such as
When booking a meeting with them we’ll as send out a meeting confirmation email with your details including email and mobile number so they can immediately notify you if for any reason they will not be available for the agreed appointment due to something turning up at the last minute. This will ensure that you get a high conversion ratio in that the leads will be qualified and the reschedule and cancellation rate will be low due to the appointment being confirmed.

Return on Investment

We believe that we should be able to generate on average 1 appointment every 5 hours, this means for an 80 hour campaign over four weeks you we should be able to generate around 16 meetings. Should you get 4 listings out of the campaign and sell two properties valued at $1,000,000 at a 2% commission this means a return of $40 000. As the saying goes if you want to Double your Income, then Double Your Sales Meetings.
Let your sales people do what they do best, selling, and leave the prospecting to us. Contact Telemarketing Professionals today for a Free Consultation and quote please use the Contact Us form.

A good lead generation, listings or appraisal campaign will generate the following:

• Create brand awareness with every call
• Identify who home owners are and introduce your service and offering
• Build a sales pipeline and marketing database of opted in prospects for future sales
• Send out an introductory email with further information on your company and your offer
• Identify those that are in the market to sell now
• Identify those that are interested in an appraisal and are considering selling in the future
• Book appointments