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Survey/ Research


Through phone call research we are able to work with clients to focus in on the right questions soliciting feedback from decision makers. We believe the best way to get accurate business intelligence for your research campaign is by speaking directly to the desired target market by picking up the phone and making a call. We are also able to supplement our phone call survey with a follow up email which contains an email link for an online survey for those cases when we catch people when they are too busy to complete the survey then and there over the phone.


We have sophisticated software to handle all types of research questions, such as multiple choice, multi-select, true/false, text box answers, etc…


Given our extensive background in b2b marketing solutions we can guarantee the best return on investment you will find for a telephone survey campaign. In addition to research and survey call services we are also able to assist you with other telemarketing services such as lead generation and appointment setting to increase your leads and generate sales.


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